Affirmative Action Compliance for Managers—eLearning Course

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Does your company meet the criteria to comply with affirmative action requirements?

What data must a manager track for applicants and employees?

Which employee-related records must be retained and for how long?

Do you know the five key actions a manager should take to support compliance?

Affirmity can help.

Managers play a critical role in making employment decisions that can impact your company’s affirmative action. Ensuring they have a basic understanding of affirmative action and compliance requirements will help you reduce risk in the event of an OFCCP audit, avoid costly penalties, and ensure eligibility for future government contracts.

The Affirmative Action Compliance for Managers 25-minute eLearning course is designed to educate frontline managers about the basics of affirmative action and the role they play in supporting affirmative action compliance in their organization. In this course, learners will:

  • Discover what affirmative action is (and isn't)
  • Learn about the regulations that apply to federal contractors and subcontractors
  • Find out the responsibilities of a manager in affirmative action compliance

Course Length: 25 minutes

Intended Audience: Managers making employment decisions on behalf of the company

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