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  • D&I: How to Use a Climate Survey to Understand and Nurture Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • D&I: How Accountability and Tailored Reporting Make or Break Data-Driven DE&I Management

  • D&I: Realistic DE&I Goal Setting: How to Use Data to Get Ahead

  • D&I: How to Deal With DE&I Naysayers

  • D&I: Why Your DE&I Strategy Must Be Data-Driven—And 5 Ways to Put Data in the Driving Seat

  • D&I: 7 Potential Negatives of Employing Artificial Intelligence for Candidate Selection and Diversity

  • D&I: 6 Potential Positives of Using AI for Candidate Selection and Diversity

  • D&I: Artificial Intelligence: How Are Regulators Responding to the New Tech Frontier for Hiring and HR?

  • D&I: How Affirmity’s TotalView Methodology Can Help You Maximize Management Visibility of AAPs

  • D&I: Lessons From 40 Years of Preparing Leadership for Affirmative Action: Q&A With Veteran Practitioner Ed Johnson

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