Affirmative Action Program Management Software

Manage AAPs across your enterprise and get workforce data insights and dynamic reports on Affirmative Action Program metrics

Designed for Enterprise Compliance

For large-scale enterprises, managing diversity and affirmative action programs demands efficiency. Your workforce compliance program serves multiple establishments—under targeted oversight and stringent reporting requirements.

You need flexible, secure tools that streamline the preparation of multiple plans and reveal strategic insights within your workforce data.

Affirmity’s CAAMS software delivers.

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Streamline Plan Preparation, Mitigate Risk, and Gain Strategic Insights

Our CAAMS software lowers the administrative burden of Affirmative Action planning and provides visibility into your workforce diversity data. Clear data and insights track progress toward diversity goals and empower your compliance team to proactively mitigate risk by

  • Automating calculations across facilities or other dimensions
  • Generating AAPs and reports—including EEO-1 and VETS 4212—that are 100% technically compliant with regulations
  • Clarifying the impact of talent decisions on compliance and diversity with dynamic dashboards and reports.
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    Automated AAP Preparation

    Generate location-based, functional, management, and diversity and Affirmative Action Plans and easily export data updates to your HRIS system.

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    Data Manipulation & Validation

    Ensure the workforce data in your AAP are reconciled and error free. Our proprietary, built-in SmartData tool corrects and auto-generates data and resolves errors.

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    Dynamic Reporting & Dashboards

    Generate all required reports and use dashboards to effectively manage your diversity and Affirmative Action Programs

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    Visibility & Insights

    View workforce diversity across your organization—all in one calculation. View data by division, location, job code, and more—empowering managers to identify compliance risks and make effective workforce decisions.

  • Availability Benchmarking

    Compare demographics across your organization against available talent pools within an industry or region. Identify gaps in representation, see progress made against benchmarks, and gain insight into potential causes.

“For companies who have a large number of employees, multiple AAPs to prepare, and a need to understand history, CAAMS far surpasses other affirmative action software that I have used in the past.”

EEO Manager, Financial Services Organization

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