D&I Transformation Framework: How to Measure, Design, Apply, and Impact Enterprise-Level DE&I Programs

DE&I isn’t static: it’s an ongoing cycle of design and reiteration. Discover Affirmity’s approach to the distinct and interconnected stages of your program—the D&I Transformation Framework—in this downloadable solution brochure.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are areas that organizations spend generously on, seeking to combat turnover, attract discerning job seekers, and harness the performance potential of diverse thought. However, many DE&I programs lack an overarching strategy, or fail to treat the discipline as an ongoing process that involves several distinct stages. Those stages are:

  • Measurement of the current organizational position
  • Design of initiatives to address what was measured
  • Application of those newly-designed initiatives
  • Impact assessment of applied initiatives to establish the new organizational position

The D&I Transformation Framework is our name for the complete range of DE&I-focused solutions that we offer mapped against this measure, design, application, and impact cycle. Through this framework, we can help you create long-term business value in your diversity, equity, and inclusion program.

Click the download button on this page and read the solution brochure to learn more about each stage of the D&I Transformation Framework and how they can help you.

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