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Efficiently prepare and submit pay data reports required by US state agencies.

Efficient and Compliant State-Level Pay Data Reporting

With increased scrutiny from federal, state, and local governments, the legislative landscape for pay equity is changing rapidly. State laws (such as in California and Illinois) increasingly mandate that organizations report on employee pay data, placing greater demand on compliance teams to not only understand the law but prepare and upload reports annually. Failure to do so puts employers at risk of fines for non-compliance.

Affirmity automates and simplifies this annual reporting process.

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California Pay Data Reporting

Designed to address California Senate Bills 973 and 1162, Affirmity’s California Pay Data Reporting software simplifies the process of importing, transforming, and managing labor data when creating submission files required by California state legislation. The module is integrated with Affirmity’s secure Unified SaaS Platform for use by existing and new software and services clients.

Reduce preparation time with features that:

  • Standardize import files for both payroll employee and labor contractor employee data
  • Automatically calculate mean and median hourly rates
  • Prepare submission files for both payroll employees and labor contractor employees

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  • User-Friendly

    Easily generate the required submission files with workflow guidance and just-in-time training videos embedded within the application.

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    Your securely managed data will be backed up daily in a database specific to your organization. Furthermore, it will be fully encrypted in transit and at rest.

  • Always Up to Date

    Updates and enhancements are included to ensure your submission files follow the latest specifications from state agencies.

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