Complete Resource Center Software

Securely store, track, and manage all information required to document your Affirmative Action Program for OFCCP audits and reporting on diversity initiatives

Recordkeeping Done Right

The success of your workforce compliance program hinges on your ability to manage Affirmative Action documentation and communicate reports with the management team. Each year, OFCCP audits cite recordkeeping more frequently than any other type of violation.

Affirmity’s CRC software delivers.

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A Secure and Centralized Platform

Our CRC document manager and good faith efforts tracking software securely stores reports and enables communication with your managers.

Streamline program administration and monitoring by centralizing all key information, action items, and results. Apply robust role-based security to give your administrators full control over access and permissions to all compliance information, including

  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Diversity and Inclusion Plans
  • Graphical AAP and Diversity Insights Reports
  • EEOC and OFCCP Documentation
  • Good Faith Efforts
  • Accommodation Request Tracking
  • OFCCP Audit Management.

Dashboards for Program Management

Affirmity’s interactive dashboards provide key stakeholders with “easy-to-consume” snapshots of their workforce insights. Drill-down capabilities allow you to identify and manage risk before it becomes a problem.

  • Centralize and Secure Your Documents

    Upload and publish plans and documentation via a secure web portal. Manage access and permissions to view or edit reports and plans.

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    Manage Audits with Confidence

    Proactively prepare for and manage OFCCP audits with our checklist of 80+ action items. Store all audit information—including contacts, expenses, tasks, and documentation—securely as your single, centralized source of truth.

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    Measure Effectiveness

    Track and measure the results of recruiting and outreach efforts for individuals with disabilities, veterans, and other protected groups.

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    Manage Good Faith Efforts

    Manage and track GFEs and link outreach activities to your Affirmative Action program. Integrate with email and calendars to distribute, schedule, and manage diversity initiatives.

  • Track Accommodation Requests

    Record and track requests, background information, outcome, and disposition. Demonstrate the validity of your decisions in the event of an audit or other evaluation.

  • Instinctive UI

    Save time training users. The platform’s modern UI is easy-to-use and consistent across all modules. Workflow icons and just-in-time videos guide you through the planning process.

“It’s easy for our specialists to pull detailed analytics from the CRC (Affirmity’s complete resource center software) on our diversity metrics and show progress over time. We can also match that up with our mitigation efforts and speak specifically to results.”

Lori Walker, Vice President, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Comerica Bank

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