What Are Good Faith Efforts, Why Should You Care, and How Do You Prove They Work?

Organizations that develop robust, effective Good Faith Efforts programs (GFEs) can better act against discrimination and hire high-performing candidates, regardless of background or unique personal circumstances. Quickly learn the basics with this infographic.

Knowing that investing in “diversity of thought” gives organizations a competitive advantage, progressive organizations are always on the lookout for qualified individuals from a variety of backgrounds who will make a difference in their businesses. However, a passive approach to finding these individuals often isn’t enough—and for federal contractors, a more active approach to finding, employing, and retaining marginalized groups is enshrined in the form of Good Faith Efforts.

This infographic looks at the fundamentals—the what, why, and how of GFEs—including:

  • The main demographic groups targeted by GFEs
  • The monetary cost of EEOC action taken in recent years due to non-compliance
  • The key features you need in your GFE automation solution

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Find out everything you need to know about Good Faith Efforts to build a truly audit-proof AAP. Download our full guide ‘The Why, How, and What of Good Faith Efforts’

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