Recruiter Compliance for Federal Contractors—eLearning Course

Ensure OFCCP compliance throughout the talent acquisition process

Are you confident your recruiters and hiring managers understand the crucial role they play in managing OFCCP compliance? Can they answer the following questions?

What is the definition of an internet applicant?

What do good dispositioning practices look like?

Which records need to be kept—and how long should they be kept for?

Recruiters and hiring managers must be trained to ensure that the commitments outlined in the contractor’s affirmative action program are met and maintained. This is whether developing action plans for good faith efforts, managing, tracking, and maintaining documentation of the hiring process, or posting open positions to diverse job boards. Employees properly trained on OFCCP requirements around the talent acquisition process can greatly reduce a federal contractor’s risk of non-compliance and potential monetary penalties, loss of current and future contracts, and even criminal liability.

Affirmity can help.

The Recruiter Compliance for Federal Contractors eLearning course is designed for employees responsible for the recruitment, screening, and selection of new hires. This progressive course is made up of three, 20-minute, interactive eLearning modules each built on the concepts from the previous module. The three modules include:

  • Recruiter Compliance Overview
  • The Internet Applicant Rule
  • Dispositioning and Record-Keeping

After taking the full course, learners will be able to:

  • Define affirmative action
  • Understand the OFCCP definition of an internet applicant
  • Assign meaningful disposition codes accurately
  • Maintain records that support your selection decisions
  • Comply with job listing requirements

Course Length: One hour total—packaged in three 20-minute eLearning modules

Intended Audience: Recruiters, HR administrators, AA/EEO professionals, hiring managers/supervisors

Prerequisite: None.