5 Key Strategies to Accelerate the Momentum of Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program

Increase innovation and revenue via our guide’s five essential areas of DE&I strategy improvement.

There are few easy answers in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Reports suggest that barely a third of all organizations are improving diversity on their executive teams—despite making public pledges to do so. Meanwhile, business leaders are vocal in their disappointment that despite budgeting significant time and money, they’re failing to make progress.

There is a clear case for a renewed emphasis on DE&I: According to one Glassdoor survey, two-thirds of job seekers say a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. We believe that by backing good intentions with the right framework, your strategy can start delivering results quicker.

In this guide, Affirmity’s Diversity Advocate, Pamela Pujo, explores that framework. Citing a wide range of industry facts, figures, and discussions, the framework takes the form of five key strategies:

  1. Striving for greater inclusivity in your leadership
  2. Knowing your diversity numbers and establishing regularity, benchmarking, and a greater depth of understanding of your data
  3. Incorporating equity alongside diversity and inclusion
  4. Cultivating a culturally aware climate by embracing intersectionality and encouraging allyship
  5. Learning an inclusive language and making your training programs as widely accessible as possible.

Download the guide and discover new tactics that will enhance your DE&I strategy, today.