The 4 Key Components of Affirmative Action: Everything Your Solution Needs to Cover

Creating an affirmative action program (AAP) can sometimes seem like a daunting task—as is inevitable with any process so much is riding on. Thankfully, tackling your program is significantly easier when you have robust, dedicated software and expert support. But what should this solution look like? Find out with our checklist!

Whether you’re new to using software to administrate your affirmative action obligations, you’re actively searching for a new platform, or you’re just interested in how your current solution measures up, it’s important to have software that makes every aspect of this critical process easy and accurate. Use this checklist to test a solution’s capabilities against the four pillars of affirmative action planning:

  1. Plan creation and methodology
  2. Good faith and outreach efforts
  3. Awareness and training
  4. Risk mitigation

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