5-Step Checklist to Executing and Proving Your Good Faith Efforts

Good Faith Efforts (GFEs) are an essential part of your Affirmative Action Planning (AAP). Stay informed about your GFE responsibilities by referring to this checklist, based on insights from our guide ‘The Why, How, and What of Good Faith Efforts’.

It’s mission-critical to maintain a record of your Good Faith Efforts. After all, the most common OFCCP violation is the failure to keep proper records. A Good Faith Efforts program supports your compulsory AAP requirements while also protecting you against accusations of discriminatory hiring processes, and ensuring your company benefits from a diverse workforce.

Our checklist covers five key ideas and business areas in which you should be monitoring your GFEs, including:

  • Key ideas that will help you make fully action-orientated plans
  • Considerations for proving your efforts in your recruitment efforts
  • Aspects of a GFE-informed approach to succession planning
  • Points to consider when relating your compensation to GFEs
  • Ways in which your turnover can be used to adjust your GFEs and your wider AAP effort.

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Find out everything you need to know about Good Faith Efforts to build a truly audit-proof AAP. Download our full guide ‘The Why, How, and What of Good Faith Efforts’

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