How to Perform a Pay Equity Analysis: The Law, the Process, and the Power of Analysis Software

Though a lot of the US’s equitable pay law dates back to the 1960s, the area is by no means static. The coming decade promises to shake up pay equity laws, with significant implications for your organization. This makes it critical to arm yourself with an understanding of what’s ahead, and how to deliver a robust analysis of your current pay equity situation.

In this guide, we’ve pulled together a recap of existing pay equity law, and discussed new legal trends that illustrate the increasing obligations for the typical pay equity analysis. We also provide insight into how to approach the pay equity analysis cycle, and take a look at the benefits of a software-based approach in terms of accuracy and analysis at scale.

By reading the full guide you’ll gain an understanding of:

  • Established pay equity law
  • New pay equity trends and state-level laws on pay transparency, reporting, and certification
  • A five-step approach to pay equity analysis and corrective action, integrating your organization’s priorities and analytical needs
  • How software can simplify your pay equity analysis approach, and six features to look for in your solution

Download the full guide using the form on this page and start building fairer, federally-compliant pay practices today.