DE&I in Action: 4 Key Strategies That Will Impact Your Program

Find out how DE&I professionals at major organizations tackle familiar strategic challenges. Featuring a stimulating conversation with DE&I leads from the City of Oklahoma City and Dollar General, this ebook explains four key strategies that will maximize the effectiveness of your DE&I program.

We believe that when companies commit to diverse and inclusive leadership, they better open themselves up to attracting top talent, outperforming their peers, and succeeding in previously untapped markets. In early 2022, Affirmity met with Shalynne Jackson, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer for the City of Oklahoma City, and Dr. Johné Battle, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Dollar General. Our conversation covered significant ground—and key points are reproduced here to bring these stories of real-world application to a wider audience.

The discussion concentrates on four key strategies we believe are essential for DE&I success:

  1. Leading inclusively
  2. Knowing your diversity numbers and measuring progress
  3. Incorporating equity
  4. Cultivating a culturally-aware climate

These insights may inspire you to make changes in your own practices—or at least, reassure you that the path you’re already taking is the right one.

Download the ebook and learn about each of these strategies—and more!

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