Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Overview

Connect diversity and inclusion initiatives to business outcomes through meaningful metrics, benchmarks, expert analysis, robust assessment, and effective training

Diversity Insights

Track progress against diversity goals and communicate business impact with boardroom-ready benchmarking and dashboards. Drive your D&I program using a consistent, integrated approach, accurate data, and expert analysis—for strategic, data-driven, and sustainable success.

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Compensation and Pay Equity Analysis

Navigate the regulatory landscape, manage complex risks, and achieve compliance readiness. With expert guidance from our professional PhD-level consultants, you can achieve pay equity goals and foster diversity.

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D&I Training

Build D&I awareness and embed practical inclusion actions across all levels of your workforce. Champion communication and positive behavior change to create an inclusive culture that strengthens collaboration, boosts innovative thinking, and allows every capable employee to thrive.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Assessments

Use the complete range of assessment tools in Affirmity’s D&I Transformation Framework to measure, design, apply, and assess the impact of your D&I program. With these tools, you can increase diverse representation through recruitment, retention, and promotion initiatives, enhance your work environment using data from climate and engagement surveys, and create learning opportunities to promote inclusion.

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Employee Resource Group Platform

Magnify your D&I program and strengthen your employer brand with simplified employee resource group management and user experience. Engage your employees with the right ERG management platform to meet the unique needs of your organization and use intelligent analytics to help you exceed workplace diversity goals.

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“Organizations with inclusive cultures are six times more likely to be innovative, two times more likely to meet or exceed financial targets, and six times more likely to anticipate change and respond effectively.”

Bersin, High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion
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Let Affirmity help your HR and compliance teams with expert consulting services, data analysis, training, and software to optimize your affirmative action and D&I programs.