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Get employees excited about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion best practices with easily accessible and digestible digital and live virtual training formats

Corporate DE&I Training That Creates Inclusive Workplaces Where Diverse Teams Can Thrive

A diverse workforce can boost customer satisfaction, elevate your employer brand, spur innovation, attract talent, and drive bottom-line business success. With so much at stake, your training program needs resources that build understanding and change attitudes and behaviors.

Affirmity has a range of easily consumable training packages for organizations augmenting and supporting DE&I programs. Designed for flexibility, our learning solutions ensure your employees get the training they need whenever, wherever, and however they need it, over a period of months or even years. From individual contributors to executive leaders, there are package options to address training at all levels of your organization.

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Blended Digital Learning Packages

In partnership with sister organization GP Strategies, Affirmity offers digital learning solutions that support your DE&I program in ways that are approachable, relatable, and tightly structured. These packages will help you to create learning pathways that address business-critical audience and organizational needs at the point of need.

Purchased off-the-shelf, each of our consumable DE&I digital learning packages consist of eight to thirteen courses in formats including self-paced eLearning, interactive animations, conversation guides, and behavior nudges.

Available DE&I blended learning packages include:

  • Introductory DE&I Training Package (all employees)
  • DE&I Embedding Behaviors Training Package (people managers)
  • Employee Resource Group Toolkit Package (ERG leaders and members)
  • LGBTQ+ Package (all employees)
  • Blended Working Package (individual contributors and people managers)
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Standalone Self-Paced eLearning Courses

Affirmity’s experienced team of DE&I subject matter experts create interactive eLearning training experiences that keep employees engaged, reinforce organizational values, and foster positive work environments. These courses are provided in a standard eLearning format compatible with all Learning Management Systems (LMSs) on the market, helping you disseminate learning to employees in a familiar environment that automatically documents participation and completion.

Our DE&I training courses include:

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An employee takes a standalone self-paced eLearning course from their home workspace

Personalized Live Virtual Training Packages

Through our partnership with Bundle, Affirmity provides one-on-one or small group (up to six people) live virtual sessions delivering personalized DE&I online training tailored to individual needs. These interactive and dynamic sessions offer DE&I training for employees in a safe space for vulnerability, exploration, and personal growth—while boosting engagement, retention, and results.

Each package consists of three 60-minute live virtual sessions focused on key DE&I concepts. Packages include:

  • Foundations for Inclusivity Program
    • Understanding and Addressing Unconscious Bias
    • Foster a Culture of Belonging
    • Inclusion Starts with I: Unleash the Power of Diversity
  • Advanced DE&I Advocacy Program
    • Grow an Inclusive Mindset
    • Connecting Generations and Age Gaps
    • Communicating With Sensitivity
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Live Virtual Workshops

Our DE&I workshops help encourage learner curiosity, collaboration, and engagement. Delivered by Affirmity’s subject matter experts, we tailor our discussions to the specific needs of your organization and your audiences: from executive level, to individual contributors, to specific specialties on which the success of your DE&I initiatives hinge.

Our lineup includes our Employee Resource Group Leadership workshop where ERG leaders and members can learn and understand the impact that an effective ERG can have. They’ll also learn both how to develop an effective ERG strategy, and how to grow membership and track metrics.

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An expert trains a panel of diversity and inclusion trainers on key DE&I concepts
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    Engaging Course Design

    We apply the latest digital learning innovations to ensure learners are engaged and developing the skills needed to navigate important issues in the workplace.

  • Blended Learning Approach

    Maximize reach, participation, and engagement with a blended learning approach. Build the perfect learning pathway with a range of live virtual and digital training programs.

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    Learn From Experts

    We use teams of subject matter experts from across a range of DE&I and HR disciplines to create our training content.

Insights and Resources for HR and DE&I Leaders

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  • DE&I Training Catalog
  • DE&I Transformation Framework: How to Measure, Design, Apply, and Impact Enterprise-Level DE&I Programs
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