Compensation and Pay Equity Analysis

Mitigate risk and foster equity and trust with proactive reviews of pay practices across your workforce

Get Proactive about Fair Pay

Your employees expect—and deserve—fair treatment and fair pay. A commitment to equitable pay can build employee trust and motivate and engage your workforce.

For US federal contractors, pay equity analyses are required by the OFCCP and EEOC. Regulations, such as the Equality Act, require employers in the UK to publish gender pay gap metrics annually. For any employer, a proactive compensation analysis can guard against reputational risks and bolster your employer brand—making you an employer of choice in your market.

Affirmity offers expert consulting services to help employers identify—and correct—potential patterns of disparity and adverse impact so you can bring your pay equity strategy to life.

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Understand Total Compensation Equity

Using proprietary models, we analyze compensation by department, by demographic, or across the organization to identify potential patterns of disparity in

  • Salary and starting pay rates
  • Hourly or overtime pay
  • Commissions and bonuses
  • Merit increases
  • Promotions
  • Performance ratings
  • Location assignments.
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California Pay Data Reporting

Comply with California Senate Bills 973 and 1162 with Affirmity’s California Pay Data Reporting solution. Simplify the process of importing, transforming and managing labor pay data when creating the required submission files.

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Illinois Pay Data Reporting

Affirmity assists clients submitting demographic and wage data as required by Illinois Public Acts 101-656 and 102-36. This submission is a critical step in obtaining the state’s Equal Pay Certificate, and once obtained, organizations must recertify every two years.

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Illinois Pay Data Reporting - Illinois State Capitol Building
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    Data Preparation & Validation

    We verify the accuracy and quality of compensation data before analysis to ensure that study results are valid and actionable.

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    Trusted Advisors

    PhD-level statisticians oversee all phases—defining study questions, employee groups, and statistical methods. We collaborate with in-house counsel to maintain privilege.

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    Study design is flexible and tailored to your specific needs.

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    Robust Methodologies

    We apply statistical methods used by federal and state agencies, as well as supplemental assessments.

  • Pay Equity Adjustments

    As warranted by study findings, we estimate adjustments in base pay needed to achieve equity.

“We worked with Affirmity's leading PhD Consultant, Chuck McGhee, to conduct an OFCCP-style compensation study. Chuck was instrumental in identifying potential risk areas and worked with us to develop a defensible plan in preparation for an audit. He's very responsive and can talk the 'data' to our level of understanding. He was great to work with.”

HR Business Manager, Aerospace Manufacturing Company

Insights and Resources for HR and Compliance Teams

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