19 Questions to Ask About the Data-Driven Effectiveness of Your DE&I Program

Data drives organizational change, but is the data you currently collect enough to help you properly prioritize areas of focus and set realistic and effective goals? In this checklist-style infographic, we’ll help you re-examine how data-driven your DE&I strategy really is, and point you in the direction of best practices and recommended tools that will improve your DE&I strategy.

Your program thrives when it’s data-driven, but the quality of the data you have available does matter—as does ensuring a robust spread of different data points. This infographic compiles several insights from our guide, ‘How to Use Data to Increase the Value of Your DE&I Program’ (available via the form on this page), and provides a simple checklist of items to work through. From having data to justify your current focus on a particular issue, to leadership accountability and realistic goal-setting, there may just be something you haven’t yet considered!
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