Getting Started With Compliance and DE&I: Everything Talent Acquisition Professionals Need to Know

Talent acquisition professionals have a critical role to play in realizing an organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) goals. Read this guide to explore the compliance obligations, data management principles, and the processes that will help you ensure that every great applicant you hire or source is treated with minimal bias, regardless of their background

In this new guide combining perspectives from Affirmity’s team of PhD consultants and our inclusion experts at PDT Global, we consider everything you need to understand to begin tackling DE&I and compliance in talent acquisition. Key topics covered include:

  • Your obligations: From employment law in the United States, to the importance of accessibility across every part of your process, learn to review the things you simply have to do in order to stay within the law.
  • Your data: Data integrity matters greatly when it comes to building a defensible program that can grow in effectiveness year on year. We take a deeper look at accurate data dispositioning and how discrepancies are investigated.
  • Your process: Is your recruitment process as fair as it needs to be? We look at strategies for minimizing the impact of individual biases and how the way you run your assessments can undermine your DE&I efforts.

Download the guide using the form on this page, and start reassessing every potential point of friction in your hiring process today.