How to Use Data to Increase the Value of Your DE&I Program

Without data to prove success, highlight issues, and steer programs toward areas of opportunity, it’s easy for organizations to doubt the success of their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts. In this guide, we’ll help you identify how to build and implement a DE&I program that is intentional and measurable, using practical, real-world examples and data-driven techniques.

DE&I programs benefit greatly from data. From helping you understand where to focus spend, to having statistical proof that your performance is comparable to current labor availability, data is indispensable in steering every aspect of your strategy. Join our Senior Solutions Consultant, Roy Zambonino, DE&I Consultant and Product Manager, Joe Valenzuela, and VP of DE&I at Western Governors University, Jason Thompson, as they help us explore every facet of a data-driven approach.

Check out the full guide to learn:

  • Why you should develop a data-driven DE&I strategy
  • Why it’s important to set realistic goals and targets
  • How organizations can use data to establish those goals and targets
  • How organizations can hold leaders accountable for DE&I objectives
  • What tools and practices are needed to manage DE&I efforts

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