Inclusion Drives Diversity: Harnessing Inclusive Policies as an Engine for Organizational Change

Diversity and Inclusion seem inseparable when we talk about them—but are businesses guilty of neglecting the latter? Join us as we take a closer look at the importance of inclusion, and learn why great DE&I programs can’t go anywhere without it.

Focusing on diversity alone leads to organizations having all the right people in the mix, but failing to ensure that those hires feel genuinely welcomed and able to contribute to their full potential. In the ebook, we take a deep dive into how inclusion ensures a happier, more motivated workforce that has real staying power—helping you maintain the momentum created by diverse hiring practices.

Topics covered include:

  • The business case for inclusion, including examples of the impact of its absence
  • Six ways to nurture inclusion throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment through to compensation and reskilling
  • How to measure and reiterate upon the gains that inclusion brings

Download the guide using the form on this page, and discover why it’s time to take a more interconnected approach to DE&I