Taking Action: A Checklist for 4 Key DE&I Strategies

DE&I strategy remains a complex problem, but there are four key strategies that we believe all organizations would benefit from focusing on. Use this checklist to determine just how much work remains to be done to rise to the ongoing challenge of increasing program impact and creating a fairer workplace.

In our recent ebook, DE&I in Action: 4 Key Strategies That Will Impact Your Program (which you can download using the form on this page), we uncover four key strategies and their implementation at organizations ahead of the curve in DE&I best practice. Inclusive leadership, progress measurement, the incorporation of equity, and cultivation of cultural awareness must all be present in your strategy. And in order to achieve this, there are many things that must first be in place.

In this checklist, we’ve assembled a list of questions that will help you interrogate your current strategic progress. Take a look below, and download a PDF version for future reference!

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Learn more about the strategies from the checklist.

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