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Meet California Pay Data Reporting Requirements With Confidence

Is your organization ready to comply with California’s latest annual pay data reporting requirements? Qualifying companies must submit pay data reports before the second Wednesday of May every year. If you have to file, a software-based approach will ensure the process is quick, easy, and accurate.

Affirmity can help.

Affirmity offers a software solution that streamlines your handling of labor data, greatly simplifying the submission process and helping you support your broader pay equity initiatives. Updated to comply with California Senate Bill 1162, the California Pay Data Reporting module is integrated into Affirmity’s secure, cloud-based SaaS platform and is available for both new and existing software and services clients.

Who Has to File?

A private employer must annually report pay, demographic and other workforce data to the California Civil Rights Department (CRD) if it has a headcount of 100 or more individuals and at least one of those individuals is based in California. This requirement applies whether individuals are payroll employees or workers hired via labor contractors.

If you’re unsure whether your company should submit pay data files, read the FAQs published by the CRD, specifically section III.C.

What Are the Filing Requirements?

Qualifying employers must prepare:

  • A report for each establishment
  • Calculations for both mean and median hourly labor rates
  • Separate submission files for payroll and labor contractor employees

Note that filing an EEO-1 report does not meet California’s regulations and obligations.

What Is the Reporting Deadline?

The deadline for filing pay data reports to the CRD is the second Wednesday of May every year. This includes the following deadlines:

  • 2022 reporting year: Wednesday, May 10, 2023
  • 2023 reporting year: Wednesday, May 8, 2024
  • 2024 reporting year: Wednesday, May 14, 2025
  • 2025 reporting year: Wednesday, May 13, 2026
  • 2026 reporting year: Wednesday, May 12, 2027