Affirmity Simplifies California Pay Data Reporting With Major Module Update

Available as an update for Affirmity’s Unified SaaS Platform, the module streamlines handling of labor data required for compliance with California Senate Bills 973 and 1162.

DALLAS, TX—3 April 2023—Affirmity, a market leader in providing software and solutions in the workforce compliance and DE&I space, has released a major update to its California Pay Data Reporting software.

This new version is in full compliance with California Government Code section 12999, as amended by Senate Bill 1162. The California Pay Data Reporting module is integrated into Affirmity’s secure, cloud-based SaaS platform for use by existing software and services clients. This module is also available as a stand-alone software solution to any new clients needing to file pay data reports per California’s regulations.

Wage gaps and pay equity issues continue to garner significant attention across all levels of government within the US as well as abroad. These entities are also increasing their ability to levy fines against companies that are non-compliant, as is the case in California. Therefore, it’s critical that companies submit required data before California’s May 10, 2023 reporting deadline.

Senate Bill 1162 was signed into law in September 2022, taking effect within the 2022 filing year. If you are unsure whether your company should submit pay data files, read the FAQs published by the California Civil Rights Department, specifically section III.C.

“This new update to the California Pay Data Reporting module not only helps keep companies compliant with state law, it can also help companies start, or support, broader pay equity initiatives,” commented Bruce Kile, Managing Director at Affirmity. “This new version helps simplify and streamline what can be a complex reporting process. And, with several new regulatory changes now in effect compared to previous years, Affirmity’s software helps ensure that companies are preparing accurate, complete submission files.”

About the Affirmity California Pay Data Reporting Module

Affirmity’s California Pay Data Reporting module assists clients by simplifying the process of importing, transforming, and managing labor data. It seamlessly creates submission files as required by state regulations. The module is intuitive and provides fully documented instructions as well as just-in-time training videos embedded within the application.

Key features include:

  • Standardized import file templates for both payroll employee and labor contractor employee data
  • Mean and median hourly rates calculation
  • Submission file preparation for both payroll employees and labor contractor employees
  • Ability to work on payroll employees and labor contractor employees independently or in parallel

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