OFCCP Compliance Series Episode 3: How to Provide AAP Training to Recruiters & Frontline Managers

Episode three of our six-part “How to Prepare for OFCCP Compliance and Self-Certification” video discussion series is here! This time, host Stephen Caldwell and guest Zoe Ann Whitley will help federal contractors understand their organization’s affirmative action compliance training responsibilities, and how properly-trained employees greatly reduce contractor risk.

Watch below: 9 minutes

Recruiters and managers are involved along the full length of your talent processes. It’s therefore critical that they’re trained on OFCCP requirements—otherwise it’s impossible to ensure that the commitments in your affirmative action program are being met and maintained whenever individuals must be hired, promoted, or terminated. This training must cover elements such as Section 503/VEVRAA and sexual harassment in addition to affirmative action dissemination and review—and even then, rules vary from state to state!

You can watch episode three, ‘How to Provide Affirmative Action Compliance Training to Your Recruiters and Frontline Managers’, right here:

Hosted by Stephen Caldwell, guest duties on this episode fall to Zoe Ann Whitley, a fellow Manager of Consulting Services at Affirmity. With 20 years of workforce compliance experience, Zoe Ann manages a team of consultants focused on audit support and consulting in the areas of affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, and diversity metrics services.

In this episode, Stephen and Zoe Ann cover:

  1. The OFCCP compliance training responsibilities of federal contractors
  2. A look at the departments and roles that need to be involved, and the scope of their training
  3. A description of how compliance training should be delivered to the organization

Watch the Complete ‘How to Prepare for OFCCP Compliance and Self-Certification’ Series

This third episode concludes our initial look at the basic requirements of OFCCP compliance. As we get closer to the June 30 affirmative action compliance self-certification deadline, our series will continue and widen its scope to focus on the equally important ongoing maintenance of your affirmative action program. Check out our first two episodes below, and be sure to stay informed about new episode releases by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  1. Essential Components of an Affirmative Action Program
  2. Build Your Good Faith Efforts Program
  3. How to Provide Affirmative Action Compliance Training to Your Recruiters and Managers
  4. Reviewing Your Hiring Processes to Ensure Fair Labor Practices
  5. How to Review Compensation to Identify Pay Disparities
  6. How to Mitigate Adverse Impact By Reviewing Employee Selection Processes

Discover Affirmity’s eLearning modules on Affirmative Action Compliance for Managers and Recruiter Compliance for Federal Contractors can better prepare you for self-certification.

Photograph of Stephen Caldwell, Manager of Consulting Services and Diversity Planning ProgramsAbout the Author

Stephen Caldwell is a Manager of Consulting Services and Diversity Planning Programs at Affirmity. In this role he leads and manages a team of Affirmity consultants, providing consulting and project management in diversity planning. He has assisted clients in the utility, healthcare, defense, telecommunications, energy, chemical, and other industries.

Mr. Caldwell has been with Affirmity for more than eight years and has over 20 years of experience in human resource consulting and diversity planning.

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