OFCCP Compliance Series Episode 4: Reviewing Your Hiring Processes to Ensure Fair Labor Practices

Once you’ve covered the fundamentals of OFCCP compliance preparation, it’s time to focus on the ongoing work that will ensure that you remain compliant for years to come. Episode four of our six-part “How to Prepare for OFCCP Compliance and Self-Certification” video discussion series focuses on the adjustments you need to make to your hiring processes. Watch and learn how to avoid risk and help recruiters meet AAP targets!

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Hiring practices that result in adverse impact are among the most common OFCCP violations. It’s therefore important that all federal contractors actively review their recruitment and hiring processes to determine whether adverse impact exists. As explored in this week’s episode, properly minimizing risk requires accurate data, and the application of rigorous statistical tests used by the OFCCP itself.

You can watch episode four, ‘Reviewing Your Hiring Processes to Ensure Fair Labor Practices’, right here:

In this episode, regular host Stephen Caldwell is joined by Aly Ferguson, a Senior Business Consultant at Affirmity. Aly has been with the organization for eight years and consults with clients on their OFCCP/EEO compliance and diversity planning needs.

In this episode, Stephen and Aly cover:

  1. What adverse impact is and how to determine you have it
  2. The importance of accurate data when diagnosing adverse impact
  3. The actions to take once adverse impact is identified
  4. The proactive steps you can take going forward

Watch the Complete ‘How to Prepare for OFCCP Compliance and Self-Certification’ Series

We’re now four episodes into our exploration of OFCCP compliance preparation, and pivoting to focus more intently on the ongoing maintenance of your affirmative action program. If you’d like to revisit the basic requirements of OFCCP compliance, be sure to watch the first three episodes of the series. Meanwhile, we recommend keeping a close eye on Twitter and LinkedIn for announcements about future episode releases.

  1. Essential Components of an Affirmative Action Program
  2. Build Your Good Faith Efforts Program
  3. How to Provide Affirmative Action Compliance Training to Your Recruiters and Managers
  4. Reviewing Your Hiring Processes to Ensure Fair Labor Practices
  5. How to Review Compensation to Identify Pay Disparities
  6. How to Mitigate Adverse Impact By Reviewing Employee Selection Processes

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Photograph of Stephen Caldwell, Manager of Consulting Services and Diversity Planning ProgramsAbout the Author

Stephen Caldwell is a Manager of Consulting Services and Diversity Planning Programs at Affirmity. In this role he leads and manages a team of Affirmity consultants, providing consulting and project management in diversity planning. He has assisted clients in the utility, healthcare, defense, telecommunications, energy, chemical, and other industries.

Mr. Caldwell has been with Affirmity for more than eight years and has over 20 years of experience in human resource consulting and diversity planning.

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