Collect, Collaborate & Continue: 3-Part Checklist for Transforming Your Affirmative Action Approach

It’s time to transform your affirmative action approach and build a process that is more collaborative, sustainable, and effective. Building off of our guide ‘How to Create a Collaborative Approach to Affirmative Action Excellence’, this checklist will help you to realize your goals and make your data work harder for you, your team, and your wider organization.

Aligning with the rest of the business will ensure that you maximize the benefit of the data you collect and build smarter ways of presenting that data to the people who need to see it. However, this important work doesn’t happen overnight: you’ll need to keep track of new processes, conversations, and investigations that will push things forward. Use this three-part checklist to mark your progress as you collect, collaborate, and continue towards a transformative new approach.

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Start leveraging your data, collaborating with the wider business, and building a year-round affirmative action program.

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