D&I Workshops

Deliver highly interactive and impactful diversity and inclusion messages at every organizational level

In-Person and Live Virtual Workshops

Whether delivered on- or offline, our diversity and inclusion workshops—developed and delivered by our global D&I training consultancy, PDT Global—help encourage learner curiosity, collaboration, and engagement. These workshops will help you make important D&I principles tangible through colleague input and facilitator expertise.

Our live-virtual workshops use a range of technologies to replicate the benefits of in-person delivery while being more cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and less disruptive for busy participants. Better still, they cater to a wider variety of learning styles with digital whiteboards, breakout rooms, polls, videos, and live chat functions.

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Employees attend an in-person diversity and inclusion workshop

Workshops for Executives and Leaders

Your D&I program will go nowhere fast without well-informed leadership setting the right agenda. Our PDT Global team has developed high-impact workshops that enable your leaders to directly link the benefits of inclusion to your existing business outcomes and strategic goals. Delivered by experienced strategists and free from platitudes and rehearsed speeches, available workshops cover the following topics:

  • Inclusion as a Strategic Driver
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Inclusive Behavior
  • Respect and Integrity—the Workplace Reality
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Executives and leaders receive a diversity and inclusion workshop focused on issues appropriate to their organizational level

Workshops for People Managers

The ‘mighty middle’ of any organization, we know that managers can make or break your inclusion efforts. Our practical, fast-paced workshops raise diversity and inclusion awareness at this level and then task them with addressing—and mitigating—barriers to success. We will then equip them to cascade discussions across your organization in a consistent and measurable 12 to 24-month journey. Topics include:

  • Inclusion for Managers
  • Race Allyship
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Respect and Integrity—the Workplace Reality
  • Courageous Conversations
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Managers participate in a diversity and inclusion workshop discussing issues specific to their managerial level

Workshops for Individual Contributors

Bring your diversity and inclusion message directly to your wider employee population with our workshops aimed at individual contributors. Designed around your organization’s values and behavior statements, we will use interactive videos, self-awareness exercises, and a wide range of digital formats to help your teams apply practical inclusion actions to the reality of day-to-day work. Topics include:

  • Inclusion for All
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Respect and Integrity—the Workplace Reality
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A diversity and inclusion workshop is delivered digitally to employees

Workshops for Specialist Groups

In addition to training your people at different organizational levels, we also run workshops aimed at key functions in your business. Our modular masterclasses for recruitment and human resources, diversity committees, and Employee Resource Groups tackle D&I issues from the perspective of key areas of your organization that can make or break your initiatives. Our specialist workshops include:

  • Recruiting Masterclass
  • Human Resources Masterclass
  • Diversity Committees and ERGs Masterclass
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Notes are taken during a diversity and inclusion workshop tailored to the needs of a function-based group within the organization
  • Expert Facilitation

    We use highly experienced professional facilitators who can skillfully ensure audience engagement, focus, and energy.

  • Interactive and Collaborative

    We believe in active participation and structure our sessions as safe, constructive spaces for activities, group discussion, and self-reflection.

  • Context-Sensitive

    Our content mirrors real-world situations familiar to employees and can be tailored to regional or industry-specific concerns.

  • Flexible Formats

    All programs are available as virtual or face-to-face workshops, or via a range of digital solutions. They can be delivered in any language you require.

“PDT’s sustained and consistent approach across all levels of our business has seen the change in attitude and approach that we sought from our leaders in inclusion. The real and practical approach has been incredibly well received and impactful.”

Managing Director, Information Technology and Services Organization

Insights and Resources for HR and D&I Leaders

  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Why Inclusion Training Must Always Be Tailored to Your Audience
  • Inclusion Drives Diversity: Harnessing Inclusive Policies as an Engine for Organizational Change
  • D&I Transformation Framework: How to Measure, Design, Apply, and Impact Enterprise-Level DE&I Programs
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