Digital Inclusion Training

Get employees excited about D&I best practices with easily accessible and digestible digital training formats

Digital Inclusion Training at Scale

Whether supporting other D&I learning content as part of a larger pathway approach or taking the primary role in your program, digital D&I training’s reach and versatility open new possibilities for engaging your busy workforce at scale.

The digital inclusion training developed by our PDT Global brand can take the form of a 30-second refresh on an important topic on the day of a big hiring decision, or it could be a comprehensive bank of eLearning modules covering a wide range of key topics that employees can dip into at their leisure. We’ll recommend the best formats that serve the specific needs of your organization: from point-of-need learning interventions like just-in-time video nudges and conversation guides, to gamification experiences, to whiteboard animations.

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Digital Solutions for Managers

Unconscious bias and inclusion are important topics—but they’re also difficult subjects that many lack the confidence to discuss. In addition to our solutions for all employees (see below), we also offer a series of short but impactful “nudge” videos. These solutions will help you support your managers to not only start having these conversations, but to grow in confidence in tackling what is a continuous and necessary process.

Topics include:

  • Recruiter Bias
  • Talent Acquisition Nudges
  • Career Planning Nudges
  • Allyship Nudges
  • Performance Management Nudges
  • Inclusive Behaviours
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • LGBTQ+
  • Sounds of Disability
  • Microaggressions
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Digital Solutions for All Employees

Deliver highly impactful and relevant eLearning and microlearning content to your entire organization with our range of customizable digital diversity and inclusion training solutions. These courses can be provided off the shelf or reconfigured to any global, or business-specific requirements and language with a view to maximizing engagement. A range of formats are available, including animated video, interactive eLearning, and simulations.

Topics include:

  • Inclusion & You
  • Exploring Bias
  • Neurodiversity
  • Allyship Nudges, Introductions and Topic-Specific Learning
  • LGBTQ+
  • Sounds of Disability
  • Microaggressions
  • Managing Unconscious Bias eLearning
  • Principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion eLearning
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    Learn From Experts

    Our trainers are experts in HR best practices, diversity, equity, and inclusion—with thousands of training hours delivered across industries.

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    Customized Content

    We tailor courses to your culture and values, closing knowledge gaps with relevant scenarios and specific learning objectives.

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    Reach employees anytime, anywhere with targeted, quick, and effective video and animated D&I training nudges and refresher courses.

  • Global Inclusion Training

    Our global team of inclusion facilitators and associates provide worldwide coverage, are attuned to regional D&I concerns, and can deliver sessions in whichever language is required.

“The digital solutions are now being rolled out across our businesses and receiving excellent feedback. PDT's ability to offer multiple languages and localized amends was a key differentiator for us.”

Sarah Sturton, HR Director, Nomad Foods

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