The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Organizational Diversity and Hiring Regulations: The Possibilities and the Dangers of the New Tech Frontier

Artificial Intelligence may be a hot new topic for the world at large, but the use of AI and machine learning technologies is already widespread in the context of people processes. What, then, are the benefits and risks of using AI in your organization’s approach to hiring and selection? And what do the agencies monitoring your hiring practices have to say about the use of AI?

In this white paper, Affirmity Principal Business Consultant Patrick McNiel, PhD, has captured a contemporary picture of how AI is being used. The white paper first considers the positives of the future that AI promises to create, and how its innovations have the potential to further your organization’s compliance and DE&I objectives. Then, it takes a candid look at why fulfillment of this potential requires users of AI systems to also understand the current limitations of AI and the major drawbacks of using it to make judgments about people.

Access the full white paper to discover:

  • How AI is already being used in candidate assessment
  • How AI can positively contribute to your compliance and DE&I efforts
  • The potential negative effects of AI on selection practices and diversity
  • An analysis of emerging regulatory trends

Download the full white paper using the form on this page and learn how artificial intelligence interacts with the regulations that govern your critical people processes.

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