OFCCP Compliance Series Episode 1: Essential Components of an Affirmative Action Program

In a new video discussion series, Stephen Caldwell, Manager of Consulting Services at Affirmity, teams up with various Affirmity experts to help federal contractors better understand OFCCP compliance and self-certify with confidence. This first episode of six discusses the essential components of an affirmative action program, considering the planning process, good faith efforts, affirmative action commitments, and adverse impact.

Watch below: 14 minutes

Are you working towards the June 30 deadline for affirmative action compliance self-certification and feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the process? You’re not alone. To help make sense of the many pieces of the compliance puzzle, we’re putting together a new series of videos—‘How to Prepare for OFCCP Compliance and Self-Certification’—that will help you first understand the basics of compliance and then confidently maintain your AAPs going forward.

You can watch episode one, ‘Essential Components of an Affirmative Action Program’ right here:

Joining this episode’s discussion is Christine Avila, a project manager at Affirmity who has consulted clients in their implementation of affirmative action and diversity programs, as well as responding to OFCCP compliance evaluations.

In this episode, Stephen and Christine cover:

  1. An explanation of the AAP planning process
  2. What good faith efforts are, and what is involved when developing action plans to support them
  3. Guidance on meeting and maintaining the affirmative action commitments outlined in your program
  4. A look at adverse impact, and the influence it has on intentional or unintentional selection decisions

Watch the Complete ‘How to Prepare for OFCCP Compliance and Self-Certification’ Series

Throughout May and June, we’ll be uploading new discussion episodes weekly. Get a complete picture of best practice for compliance and ongoing maintenance by watching them all! Be sure to stay informed about new episode releases by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

  1. Essential Components of an Affirmative Action Program
  2. Build Your Good Faith Efforts Program
  3. How to Provide Affirmative Action Compliance Training to Your Recruiters and Managers
  4. Reviewing Your Hiring Processes to Ensure Fair Labor Practices
  5. How to Review Compensation to Identify Pay Disparities
  6. How to Mitigate Adverse Impact By Reviewing Employee Selection Processes

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Photograph of Stephen Caldwell, Manager of Consulting Services and Diversity Planning ProgramsAbout the Author

Stephen Caldwell is a Manager of Consulting Services and Diversity Planning Programs at Affirmity. In this role he leads and manages a team of Affirmity consultants, providing consulting and project management in diversity planning. He has assisted clients in the utility, healthcare, defense, telecommunications, energy, chemical, and other industries.

Mr. Caldwell has been with Affirmity for more than eight years and has over 20 years of experience in human resource consulting and diversity planning.

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