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Affirmity’s presentation-style format offers an alternative and easier way to consume the executive summary report required by the OFCCP as part of your affirmative action planning. Read on to learn about the enhanced update now available for CAAMS® AAP Software users and services clients, and watch a quick showcase of its key features.

Keeping compliance managers and senior leaders fully informed about the status of their affirmative action plans without taking up too much of their time is a careful balancing act. With the right reporting views, you can bring key stakeholders up to speed more easily.

Though the written executive summary report you must create as part of your AAP is a useful starting point, it’s not an easily consumable document. Our executive summary reporting feature generates the essential information you need to stay on track, including:

  • Informational slides providing valuable background and instruction, ensuring the report is accessible even to those unfamiliar with affirmative action
  • Key results for areas such as placement goals, goal attainment, and adverse impact
  • A plan of action for the coming year based on your results

Users can also generate this report for a single plan or multiple plans.

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An updated version of this feature is now available, incorporating feedback from Affirmity users and now features visuals that align to an improved data layout. Check out the short video below to learn more:

What Information Is Included In Affirmity’s AAP Executive Summary Reporting Feature?

Affirmity’s executive summary reporting format includes the following reporting views:

  • Placement goals report: Showing job groups and classes with placement goals, along with current utilization and total availability. A flag is shown if a job group and class also had a placement goal in the prior year.
  • Individuals with disabilities report: Providing counts of total employees for each job group, percentage, placement goals, and the gap between the percentage and goal.
  • Protected veterans report: Includes your previous year’s hiring benchmark, total hires, and percentage of hires for the plan. Additionally includes total employees per job group, percentage, benchmark, and the gap between your percentage and benchmark.
  • Goal attainment report: For each placement goal, this report shows the total number of employees in the job group and the class, the goal placement rate, the total number of placements, and whether goals have been attained. Unattained goals are highlighted for easy reference.
  • Adverse impact report: Providing the job groups and transactions (hires, promotions, terminations) for which the comparison of pool vs selection rates is statistically significant. It also shows, per job group and class comparison, the unfavored and favored classes, the expected and actual number of selections, and the standard deviations between them.

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Explore the advantages offered by the enhanced AAP Executive Summary Reporting featured in our CAAMS® AAP Software. Contact our team today.

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