Affirmity recognized as leading provider of diversity and inclusion analysis and monitoring

Mercer and RedThread Research report highlights technology used to help companies reach their D&I goals

Mercer and RedThread Research report highlights technology used to help companies reach their D&I goals

The rise of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault has exposed the need for system-wide solutions to address diversity and inclusion (D&I) challenges within organizations. A new report by Mercer and RedThread Research explains how technology can accelerate progress and help organizations evaluate the impact of D&I efforts.

“Technology can help organizations be proactive in their approach to diversity and inclusion by identifying or mitigating biases and risks in real-time,” said Bruce Kile, co-managing director of Affirmity. “With Affirmity’s workforce compliance and diversity system, organizations can foster equity across the talent lifecycle—from hiring and retention practices to compensation.”

The report recognized Affirmity as a leading D&I analysis and monitoring vendor for equipping organizations with expert analysis, consulting, training and software solutions to quantify D&I progress.

“In 2017, the #MeToo movement put diversity and inclusion into the spotlight in new and often uncomfortable ways for business and HR leaders,” said Stacia Sherman Garr, principal analyst at RedThread and co-author of the report. “While #MeToo was a response to sexual harassment, it quickly became obvious that it was symptomatic of a bigger problem of systemic bias and unfair treatment within organizations. The ubiquity of #MeToo in the workplace made it clear that this is not simply a problem with individuals, to be solved via risk mitigation or legal restitution, but rather a problem with systems and cultures, which must be solved holistically.”

Affirmity helps holistically manage and mitigate risks through a variety of services, including technology to analyze and monitor D&I data and providing compensation and pay equity analysis.

For example, the report highlights Affirmity’s role in helping a large North America-based energy company better analyze compensation, promotions, transfers and terminations to eliminate compliance issues. The energy company also uses Affirmity’s professional services to help prepare their affirmative action plans, improve data integrity and maintain audit readiness.

“With Affirmity, we have access to experienced, knowledgeable people, which keeps us prepared with the right audit-ready data and reports,” said the energy company’s HR Director. “That means saved time and money, and compliance with federal regulations.”

To develop the report, Mercer and RedThread Research reviewed more than 100 D&I technology vendors and interviewed customers. The report can be accessed here.

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Affirmity, a former division of PeopleFluent, provides expert analysis, consulting, training, and software to optimize affirmative action and diversity and inclusion programs. Our team of experts delivers diversity metrics and data-driven insights to manage and mitigate risk.
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